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You can't say Tuesday without saying "two". Today we are inspired by the number two. With that- we are announcing our second Summer Series Workshop! Spend your Sunday with Colin Stanley and Bre Forkes in their workshop- Just Duo It! on July 17th from 12pm-2pm at the Bovine Metropolis Theater. Come as a duo or on your own to learn from the team behind Ke-Mo Sah-Bee, the premier improv duo competition in Denver!

Just Duo It! with Bre Forkes and Colin Stanley

Workshop Description Being in a duo is great, because you’re responsible for 1/2 of your team. That’s an opportunity to flex ALL your improv muscles. In this workshop, we’ll give you the tools to be focused and in the moment in your scenes, recognize what YOU bring that helps balance out the duo, an...

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Big THANKS to Kat Bond for leading the Denver Improv Festival's first Summer Series Workshop at the Bovine Metropolis Theater! Most improvisational singing is done in the shower, but now these folks know how to take it into the world... Also- high fives for everyone who supported the DIF by coming to the workshop today! Stay tuned for the next workshop announcement this week!

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