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Mar 28th 1:01am

Andy Kindler's Particular Show featuring the Denver Comedy All-Stars!

Andy Kindler's Particular Show featuring the Denver Comedy All-Stars!

Andy Kindler hosts two shows of Denver's best and brightest comedic talent!

Andy Kindler's Particular Show is one where he himself hosts a stack of GREAT comics! Sexpot Comedy is lucky enough to have Andy back and there are 2 SHOWS with Andy hosting and doing standup and showcasing some of Denver's finest talent.

BUY TIX NOW! They will sell as they're only $12 each show in advance!!! WHAT! KINDLER FOR $12? We know. We do it for you. And so we can occasionally make love to a woman named Jumanji in the green room.

At 8pm, Team 1 includes:
Chuck Roy
Zach Reinert
Greg Baumhauer
Jordan Doll
(Tickets available here:

And at 1030pm, it's Team 2:
Kevin O'Brien
Adrian Mesa
Janae Burris
Sam Tallent
Andrew Orvedahl
(Tickets available here:

Each show is $12 in advance and $15 at the door!

Do you know Sexpot Comedy? They are one of the DIF's biggest supporters and they run super cool comedy shows all the time. This one is happening TOMORROW. Check it out!

Mar 27th 12:16am

We want to send a shout out of appreciation to James Clark and Molly Martin for their commitment and service to the Denver Improv Festival. James joined the board in 2012 and was instrumental in the growing our organization from sponsorships to national improv exposure and much more. Molly joined us for the 2014 festival and her marketing insights and plan were essential to our success! The board will miss you! Thank you both and best of luck.

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