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What We're Saying

Are you feeling confused about how to submit to the Denver Improv Festival? We're here to help! Below is a list of instructions/guidelines :):

1.) All submissions go through NIN (the National Improv Network); submit here:;

2.) If you don't have an account through them yet, please set one up for free - you need one to submit ;);

3.) Login and create a profile for the team you wish to submit;

4.) Find the Denver Improv Festival in the "Festival List" and click on it;

5.) Select the team you wish to submit for, upload your video, pay the $20 submission fee, and you should be good to go!!

Aug 29th 10:50am • No Comments

Happy Friday, all! Today is a yummy day! Please get those submission videos in and then enjoy your weekend!

Aug 28th 7:21am • No Comments

Reposting this because reading is awesome, and so is the Denver Improv Festival! WHY should you apply to the DIF? Well, check out this super cool list of perks that all accepted performers will receive! Submissions end for real, for real, next Tuesday, September 1st. Rock on, awesome people!

Aug 26th 4:00pm • 2 Comments

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