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Our posters are everywhere! Look for them on street corners and in Denver bathrooms! Then come check out the festival Nov. 6-7th, everyone!

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Paul Brittain will be here November 6-7, everyone! Check him out as Lord Wyndemere in this awesome SNL sketch Then come see him during the Denver Improv Festival! He's performing on Friday Nov., 6th, teaching a workshop on Saturday Nov. 7th, and playing in the big finale show on Saturday night!!

Watch Wyndemere from Saturday Night Live on

Debbie (Anna Faris) invites her boyfriend Cecil (Paul Brittain) home to meet her family. Cecil arrives with a footman (Bill Hader) and annoys Debbie's brother (Andy Samberg) by prancing about and giggling. [Season 37, 2011]

Oct 4th 10:18am • 1 Comment

Hey, everyone! Not only are tix for DIF shows now on sale, but tix for our workshops are, as well! And all of our headliners are teaching! Paul Brittain (of "SNL") and Tim Baltz (of "Drunk History") are gonna teach us about long forms. Cool, right? Right!! So, check out full listings at, and sign up before we're full!

Workshops – Denver Improv Festival

Workshops All 2015 Denver Improv Festival workshops will be held during the day on Saturday, November 7th, between 11 AM and 5:30 PM, at the Robert and Judi Newman Center for Theatre Education at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Complex. See listings below! The Calvin & Craig Workshop – wit…

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