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Want to work with an awesome improviser and teacher? Want to learn about doing the one and only monoscene? Then our next Second Sunday Workshop is for you! Joseph Wolff Phillips is amazing and he's teaching THIS SUNDAY, Aug. 9th, at the Bovine Metropolis Theater at noon! Only $25! We have some spots left! Thank you so much for your support! You can get tickets here:

Lean, Mean, Monoscene with Joseph Wolff Phillips | TicketsWest

Improv instructors volunteer their time to raise money for the Denver Improv Festival by presenting various workshops on the second Sunday of every month through September! Join us for our next workshop on Sunday, August 9th from noon to 2 pm for only $25!

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Happy Monday, awesome people! We are so incredibly excited to announce that Renegade Brewing Company has signed on for the second year in a row as our awesome beer sponsor! Wanna learn more about them before the DIF? You can check them out at 9th and Santa Fe here in Denver, or on their FB page: Their taproom is open every day of the week and they've got 12 beers on tap. Huzzah!!

Renegade Brewing Company

Renegade Brewing Company is a new and innovative brewery in Denver, CO. We're here to do things a little differently and share some great beer with you while doing it! Cheers!

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! SUBMISSIONS are OPEN!! And we have this fantastic banner, made for us by the one and only, Jason Metter of Blue Fruit, to celebrate the big day! Please submit! You're awesome!

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