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Oct 1st 2:45pm

Schedule – Denver Improv Festival

Chatfield High School *�Pomona High School *�Smoky Hill High School *�Denver School of the Arts Transplants (Denver) * Golden Retriever (Denver) * Wal-ter (Denver) PLF (Atlanta) * Divit (Denver) * Hit and Run (Denver) * Touched: Jet Evelyth?s one woman�show �(LA) Turn It Around (Denver) * Kaden Koha…

You've been asking for it! The schedule is up, so figure out who you want to see, and start buying some tickets! (Before they sell out!) #WhatstheDIF2014

Sep 30th 3:04pm

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Snooze AM Eatery is a breakfast experience w/ foods hand-crafted & seasonal using many local & organic products. Classic breakfast dishes w creative twists

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Wanna hear more about some DIF sponsors? Cool! Snooze is an awesome business and they have super yummy restaurants around Denver. Please give them a like on Facebook if you haven't already, and show some love to their pancakes during the festival and always! Yippee!

Sep 27th 3:40pm

Dearest DIF friends! This event is only a few days away! Please support two of our awesome DIF sponsors by showing your love and going to this awesome show if you can! It'll be awesome and some of our board members will be there so you can hang with them!! :)

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