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Today at 3:00pm

Thank you for all the INCREDIBLE submissions! We have a lot of hard, but enjoyable work ahead of us as we view all of them. Selections will be announced September 11!

Sep 1st 11:40pm

In the final hours of your holiday weekend don't forget today is the LAST day to apply!

Aug 28th 6:00pm

The Acting Gap with Cindy Laudadio-Hill

Denver Improv Sunday Series Workshops with Cindy Laudadio-Hill The Acting Gap “You want to be a better improv actor? Be a better actor” - David Razowsky, DIF 2007 In this class we’ll learn how to slow down — work on the moments that help us develop character, story and relationships. The “Actin…

We're so excited to have Cindy Laudadio-Hill on September 14! Sign up today before spots fill up! Only $20, benefits 2014 DIF (which you've already applied for), and will be good improvising fun!

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