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What are you waiting for!?! Just Duo It with Bre Forkes and Colin Stanley on July 31st!! Proceeds help us put on the Denver Improv Festival in November, so big THANKS to our ah-mazing workshop teachers!!

Just Duo It! with Bre Forkes and Colin Stanley

Workshop Description Being in a duo is great, because you’re responsible for 1/2 of your team. That’s an opportunity to flex ALL your improv muscles. In this workshop, we’ll give you the tools to be focused and in the moment in your scenes, recognize what YOU bring that helps balance out the duo, an...

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Denver Improv Festival updated their cover photo.

Denver Improv Festival's cover photo

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THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Sunday's Improv Mash-Up at the Voodo!! We had a great time with so many wonderful people (including a baby)! We truly appreciate all of your support - over $200 was raised and will go directly to the DIF. The Denver Improv Community is incredible. Thank you all! (Please tag yourself and add your photos from the night.)

Photos from Denver Improv Festival's post

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